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07 December 2016



Unpack newly purchased candle from the foil and set in a right up position on the candle holder, remember to keep the candle holder on a stable surface. Cut the candlewick to 1cm high before every lighting of the candle, this will help our candle to burn with a regular flame - without smoke and will keep the melted mass smelling intense (refers to scented candles only). When relighting the candle cut the edge to 1cm high (refers to pillar candles only). 

Never leave a burning candle unattended and remember to always keep an eye on it. During lighting the candle always keep the surface clean from matches and other dirt to avoid disturbing normal burning process. Do not move a burning candle or place it in a draught. When using the candle we must bear on mind the place where it is burning.  In case of using couple of candles at once we need to keep 10cm space between the candles. The candle should be used away from children, animals or flammable materials. Do not put lighting candles near a source of heat.

The best way of the extinguishing the flame of the candle is to snuff it out with a candle snuffer. Never use any liquid to extinguish candles.


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