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14 March 2017

Consumer Laurel

Laur Konsumenta 2017

Consumer Laurel is a nationwide consumer project where idea behind it is to select each year's most popular products and brands in their categories. Large-scale of this nationwide poll gives an answer to the  manufacturers, distributors and service providers to one of the fundamental questions: which products and services are currently the most popular in their group? This year the answer is simple: It's Bispol`s scented candles!
Thanks to all our customers for the trust in our brand!

Ladies and Gentlemen, we are honored to receive 2017 Consumer Laurel award. Our company stands out in the national poll that ranks the popularity of the brand and awareness of Polish consumers and took first place in its category winning the Golden Consumer Laurel 2017, defeating all our competitors. In the past year we have also received Top Brand 2016 award, which also it was a great success and honour for our Company. 

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