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01 January 2016

Important information about the proper use of candles

  1. Before burning a candle
    A newly purchased candle should be unpacked from foil and placed on a special candle holder vertically.
  2. In case of lights and tealights, which are mainly used to maintain the temperature of food and drinks, you must always use a holder with an appropriate ventilation. Before each lighting, a wick must be trimmed to the hight of 1 cm. Thanks to this your candle will burn with a straight flame – without visible release of sooth - and the liquid paraffin will smell intensively. While next lighting, the edge of the candle should be cut to the height of 1cm (does not concern glass candles and tealights/ lights).

  3. While burning a candle

    While burning a candle, matches or other unnecessary things that could cause setting a fire, should be kept away from the liquid paraffin. Do not carry the burning candle. The room shall be protected from a draught. The place of lighting the candle is very important. In case of burning several candles at the same time, the distance between them should be 10cm. The burning candle should also be kept far from children, animals and flammable materials. Do not leave the burning candle unattended. Do not keep it near the source of light.

  4. Extinguishing a candle
  5. The best way to put the candle out is a special snuffer. Do not use any liquid to extinguish the candle.

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