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31 March 2016

Candles in glass

Since March 2016 we have added to Bispol offer two new types of scented candles in glass. Candles snd71 come in two mixes of fragrances. First one is the Harmony line with fragrances of Lily, Mandarin flower and Pear. The second one – Delicious - is a set of fragrances: Vanilla Cupcake, Cinnamon-orange and Hazelnut truffle. What makes these candles different is an unique design and the fact that the glass is enriched by the detail of a lid so the smell is always intense and fresh. Moreover the candles are made with a care to all details. High-quality raw materials used in the product allows the paraffin mass to burn out till end without any soot left. The labels were designed according to the newest trends.

snd71 Mix Harmony

snd71 Mix Delicious

Another novelty, scented candles sn77/86, are also presented in two mixes of fragrances. Pastel Mix is ​​a combination of scents: Lavender-sea salt, Coconut, Vanilla orchid, while Flame mix is Orange, Cinnamon and Juicy apple. Candles are characterized by simple shapes and balanced proportion. Its appearance express a timeless elegance. High-quality raw materials allows for aesthetic burning of the candle.

sn77/86 Mix Pastel

sn77/86 Mix Flame

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