Candles, tealights and gravelights producer

Our company is created by people who with passion and engagement prepare products meeting customer requirements.

Prizes and awards

Bispol in the group of "Forbes Diamonts"

We are extremely happy to announce that Bispol took the first place in Subcarpathia and 58th place in Poland in the group of companies with revenue over 250 mln PLN in the prestigious ranking of 'Forbes Diamonds'. In previous years Bispol company could also have been found in the group of 'Forbes Diamonds'. This particular honour allows us to join the group of the best companies in the Polish market and become a reliable company among the business partners.

Golden Consumer Laurel 2017

Our company stands out in the national poll that ranks the popularity of the brand and awareness of Polish consumers and took first place in its category winning the Golden Consumer Laurel 2017, defeating all our competitors.