Candles, tealights and gravelights producer

Our company is created by people who with passion and engagement prepare products meeting customer requirements.

Our advantages

QUALITY - measure of our articles.

In 2005 we have introduced procedures of integrated management system and we have worked according to them until now. Moreover, our Quality Control Department, thanks to a modern laboratory, constantly tests raw materials and final products in order to provide deliveries of guaranteed quality goods to the customers. The laboratory equipment for testing is at the highest level of technological advancement.

All our items are certified by the National Institute of Public Health - the National Institute of Hygiene in Poland, which confirms that they are safe for people and the environment.


INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGY - we improve our production process by using innovative technology.

Our engineers work on new technological solutions and thanks this our machinery is one of the newest in the trade. As a result of this we are able to improve the quality of articles, increase capacity and decrease costs.

We constantly develop our technology by investing in the innovative equipment, broadening employee's knowledge and skills.

Since 2006 Bispol has obtained the right to use the quality mark "RAL". Articles marked by "RAL" are produced at the customer's request.


PRODUCTS - we monitor the market trends to single out our product!

Research and Development Department permanently searches for innovative solutions in the range of raw materials, production methods and current trends. We constantly work on the attractiveness of our offer and we try to make our final products fulfill customer's requirements.


SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY - we take care of retaining high ethical and social standards and safety work!

As a participant of the program "Reliable Company" we commit ourselves to obeying ethical rules such as law and order, reliability, clarity and responsibility in business. We work on the basis of standards that protect our environment. In our production we use renewable raw materials and in production of semi-products the waste is used again. We assure safety conditions of work and suitable training for all our employees and we obey the standards of work safety regulations strictly.