Candles, tealights and gravelights producer

Our company is created by people who with passion and engagement prepare products meeting customer requirements.

About us

The BISPOL company was established in 1993 as a family company manufacturing candles. In 2001 it was transformed into a general partnership Bispol J.W.Sobus Sp. j. and since 1. August 2006 operates as a public limited company BISPOL Sp. z o.o.

The headquarter of the company as well as production facilities are situated in Gluchow, 4 km from Lancut, towards East by the route E4, 90 km from Polish-Ukrainian border. The area of company covers 7,46 ha, whereof 28.488 m2 is occupied by the production units and warehouses (including
4 warehouses with high storage for 24.000 pallets).

Our offer includes a wide range of candles, tea lights and graveyard lights. We propose our customers candles in full colour range, with different fragrances and forms, i.e. table candles, taper candles, renaissance candles, ball candles, pillar candles, square candles, glass candles and many other. More than 100 scents of tealights gives our customers a comfortable choice. We offer also variety of graveyard lights, refills and oillights.

Modern technology and constant investments allow us to maintain highest quality of produced goods. Each item manufactured in our company has a Certificate of National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.

The great potential – the BISPOL company is booming and endeavour to become potentate on the domestic and world market.

The purpose of our company is to improve consequently quality of our products and production processes. We also strive to maintain highest standards and to meet expectations of the most demanding customers.


Bispol Sp. z o.o. Głuchów 573, 37-100 Łańcut,
Sąd Rejonowy w Rzeszowie, XII Wydział Gospodarczy Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego,
KRS:0000261122, NIP: 815-00-06-310, REGON 690265959
Wysokość kapitału zakładowego: 12.000.000,00 PLN pokryty w całości.