Plastic lanterns


Product sheet
Burning time: ~4 dni/days
Height: 26,5 cm
Diameter: 16,0 cm
Tube: WP4
Packaging: 1
Collective packaging: 4
Dimensions of packaging: 34,1x21,6x29,0 cm / ~3,5kg±10%
Number pack in a layer: 11
Number of layers per pallet: 5
Amount of collective packagings on EUR palette: 55
EAN code for item: 5906927026855
EAN code for collective packaging: 5906927087856
EAN code for pallet: 5906927916323
For outdoor use only
Keep the wax pool clear of matches and other debris to avoid flaring
Do not move a burning candle
Never use liquid to extinguish


Mix of colours in the package