The effect of candles on health

Probably each of us has often wondered whether burning candles has an impact on our health. There are many theories about this. It is worth getting acquainted with the research carried out and the opinions of scientists. Women's health magazine, which is a lifestyle guide for active women, has published an interesting article providing knowledge in this field.

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Which scented candles and air fresheners should you choose as a gift?

It often seems simple to choose a scented candle or air freshener. However, sometimes it can be quite a challenge for some people. Often at the last minute, we rush to the store to choose a gift for our friend. So how to deal with choosing the best gift? Which scented candle should you choose to make your loved one happy?

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World Candle Month

The National Candle Association marks september World Candle Month. The aim of celebration is to bring to light the various ways candles enrich our daily lives and bring awareness of the benefits of using them. This year's World Candle Month theme is

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A certain number of candle lovers appreciate not only the glow and pleasant aura of candle light but also the smell. However, each of us has different preferences when it comes to aromas. Some like fruity scents, others floral, and others woody. When choosing the right one, you should be guided by satisfying associations. The fragrance chosen by us is supposed to relax, soothe and often motivate to action, not overwhelm.

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Garden or a terrace are asylum in every home. Let’s make sure this space is friendly enough to be able to relax in it. For the arrangement of the garden or terrace, it is worth choosing delicate fabrics with bright colors enriched with earth tones.

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Summer is a time of warm days, beautiful moments spent outside, whether on vacation abroad, at home or in the countryside with grandma. Most of us love holidays and the memories they leave behind each year. We also associate holidays with many beautiful f

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New Arrivals

Spring abounds in changes in many aspects of life. Nature takes on a new look when waking up to life, we change winter wardrobe into summer or interior design by hiding thick blankets for light fabrics. Spring is also a time for new arrivals in Bispol! We present our products that have recently appeared in the offer, hoping you ...

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Spring candle love

Spring is considered the most beautiful season of the year for a reason. When sunny days come after winter and the associated low well-being , there is also a satisfaction and burst of new energy. Bloomig flower buds on bare branches and birds returning f

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Spring inspirations for your home

March is a month when nature comes to life. We welcome the calendar spring and say goodbye to the winter at the same time. With the arrival of longer and sunny days we also feel the desire to revive and change. It’s a perfect time to replace your la

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10 Valentine’s day gifts ideas

One of the best ways to express your feelings for other person is by giving a gift. Valentine’s day, which is a favourite day of all lovers is a great opportunity to give it to the partner. However, there is a question: What is a perfect gift? In this article you will find some gift tips and inspirations for both men and women that surely help you make decision.

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