Summer is a time of warm days, beautiful moments spent outside, whether on vacation abroad, at home or in the countryside with grandma. Most of us love holidays and the memories they leave behind each year. We also associate holidays with many beautiful f

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New Arrivals

Spring abounds in changes in many aspects of life. Nature takes on a new look when waking up to life, we change winter wardrobe into summer or interior design by hiding thick blankets for light fabrics. Spring is also a time for new arrivals in Bispol! We present our products that have recently appeared in the offer, hoping you ...

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Spring candle love

Spring is considered the most beautiful season of the year for a reason. When sunny days come after winter and the associated low well-being , there is also a satisfaction and burst of new energy. Bloomig flower buds on bare branches and birds returning f

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Spring inspirations for your home

March is a month when nature comes to life. We welcome the calendar spring and say goodbye to the winter at the same time. With the arrival of longer and sunny days we also feel the desire to revive and change. It’s a perfect time to replace your la

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10 Valentine’s day gifts ideas

One of the best ways to express your feelings for other person is by giving a gift. Valentine’s day, which is a favourite day of all lovers is a great opportunity to give it to the partner. However, there is a question: What is a perfect gift? In this article you will find some gift tips and inspirations for both men and women that surely help you make decision.

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Pantone Color of the Year 2022

The Pantone Color Institute is recognized globally as a leading source of color expertise and trends. For many years, Pantone’s Color of the Year has influenced products development and purchasing decisions in multiple industries including fashion,

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Winter has already come to our houses. We slowly decorate interiors with Christmas-related accents. It is a wonderful time associated with bliss and happiness. First Christmas songs can be heard on the radio, shop windows getting rich in colorful baubles,

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The role of candles

Candles have a long and storied history. Initially, they provided a main source of light, but over time their role began to evolve. After a moment of oblivion associated with the invention of light bulbs, they began to gain value again becoming more and m

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When the autumn comes, we intuitively look for ways to light up our interiors. We pay more attention to the play of lights in houses and apartments trying to find a perfect solution that will combine artifical and natural light. As you know, natural light

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The right home decor has the magic to transform a space. Autumn season for house accessories starts shortly. It is a perfect time to do some small changes in our houses and apartments. To achieve an interesting effect of interior metamorphosis we do not n

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