One of the best ways to express your feelings for other person is by giving a gift. Valentine’s day, which is a favourite day of all lovers is a great opportunity to give it to the partner. However, there is a question: What is a perfect gift? In this article you will find some gift tips and inspirations for both men and women that surely help you make decision.

1. Home dinner
First Valentine’s day gift idea will appeal to the all homebodies. Surprise your partner with a beautiful dinner at your own home. All you need is culinary skills, elegant tableware and original menu which of course should include a sweet dessert. The perfect culmination of this evening is a bath in flower petals surrounded by scented tealights.

2. Restaurant
However, if you’re not a cooking master, choose more simple solution which is romantic dinner at the restaurant with the live music. Make sure they serve chocolate fondue. Then all you need to worry about is a stylish and elegant look. That kind of idea surely appeal to the partner and let you spend more time together.

3. SPA voucher
Great ideas is to take your partner to the SPA. Maybe some gentelmen may feel intimidated at the beginning with this idea, but once you get there, you both will be delighted. Find a SPA that offers couple’s treatment package such a massage or mud wrap and enjoy the day full of relaxation.

4. Cinema
Other way to spend a Valentine’s day together with your partner is going to the cinema. On that day romantic comedies can’t be missed on the screens. That kind of movie is one of the most choosen by the viewers. However, if you feel that’s not your cup of tea, you will probably find something just perfect for you in the repertoire. And what would you say for after movie romantic walk along the illuminated park alleys?

5. Dance class
Nothing is more romantic and nothing brings lovers closer than dancing. Often, you can find studios that offer classes for beginner couples. Try out a form of dance that is new for both of you, such as salsa or tango and don’t be discouraged if your steps are not immediately perfect. Just have fun and maybe you arouse a hidden passion.

6. Scented candles
Another interesting gift idea that delight every recipient is a box filled with aromas. Scented candles makes a beautiful complemet to any houses and an original decoration. The accompanying fragrance is one of our most powerful and satisfying senses, so on Valentine’s day choose a set specially selected for this celebration. Combination of sweet and sensual aromas will create a perfect backdrop for the romantic evening.

7. Photo book
Create a chronorogical photo book or photo album to share memories and history, starting with how you met and ending with the present. Photos with short descriptions are perfect form to capture beautiful moments. Such a gift may mark a relationship milestone and your partner will definitely appreciate the work gone into making it.

8. Cosmetics
The decision to offering a perfume as a gift is delicate because you need to know the person’s taste. Either you know the fragrance they are using or you decide to give something new. Nevertheless, it’s always a good idea. However, if you prefer choose something more universal, bet on an elegant set of branded body or face cosmetics.

9. Practical gadget
If you look for a practical and timeless gift choose a wallet. The elegant leather pattern surely appel to the loved one. You can also pick an stylish watch or belt. Those are one of the wardrobe items that almost all of us use, if not everyday, then at least on special occasions. Such a choice may turn out a great success.

10. Book
Books make great gifts for many reasons. The right one can be an answer to the motive of the gift buyer’s like expressing love, showing sentiment or appreciation. Books provoke thought and help people say things that would otherwise be difficult to put into words. They don’t make you fat, they don’t wilt, they are one size fits all and can last a lifetime. It is a suitable gift for the loved one, regardless the gender and age.