Bispol is a leading manufacturer of candles, tealights, gravelights and gravelight refills in Europe. It started its activity in 1993 with the production of gravelights and refills. Then the range was expanded to include candles and air fresheners. Due to the dynamic development of the company, a second production plant was built. This year, the company celebrates 30 years of its presence on the market.

The experience gained over many years is an undoubted advantage of Bispol. We are constantly developing and improving in every area of ​​our activity. High quality products are ensured by qualified employees and professionals as well as modern production lines. This is confirmed by numerous awards and distinctions. We approach creating products with high commitment and great passion, which is why millions of people love them.

So far, our products have been produced under the Bispol brand. This year, a decision was made to create the Aura logo and use it to mark scented and unscented candles and air fresheners. Based on the current logo, we created its new version, which is now the showcase of our products.

The new logo presents an unfolded tulip flower and brings to mind an aromatic bouquet of flowers. The symbolism of the word Aura reflects the pleasant, magical atmosphere that often accompanies us during important moments. The navy blue color inspires confidence and has a calming effect. It fits perfectly with multi-colored graphics used on product boxes. The word Aura is written in capital letters in a modern style. Tagline Candles for candles and Home care for air fresheners are written in a font imitating handwriting. The new version of the logo is complemented by the marketing slogan And your home is magical. This combination constitutes the value of our brand and communicates its most important element, mood.

The actions we have taken are aimed at increasing the recognition of our products on the market. The new logo and modern design make the Aura brand stand out on store shelves and increase the value of the products we offer.