A certain number of candle lovers appreciate not only the glow and pleasant aura of candle light but also the smell. However, each of us has different preferences when it comes to aromas. Some like fruity scents, others floral, and others woody. When choosing the right one, you should be guided by satisfying associations. The fragrance chosen by us is supposed to relax, soothe and often motivate to action, not overwhelm. We present several proposals that everyone should have in their home.

Juicy raspberries with a wonderful scent certainly have many supporters. Their tempting aroma can also be found in the candle Raspberry Cloud in a large jar with a lid. The uniqueness of candle is ensured by the scent notes hidden in it i.e. pineapple, apple, resin note, and of course everything complemented by a raspberry note. It is an interesting composition that can be a perfect gift idea for a loved one. Thanks to its large capacity, it will provide a unique experience for a long time.
We associate summer time with long, warm days. It is time of the year when minor changes in interior design often come. We change dark burgundy, greens or dark blue into creamy, light shades, and heavy aromas into light, floral and fruity fragrances. Enriching our interior with accessories in bright colors will make it light and airiness. The Sunny Meadow aroma diffuser will be perfect solution for it. That unique flower petals emit an amazing fragrance into whole area. The diffuser flowers come from natural wood, therefore each flower blooms individually when the liquid is taken from the bottle. Its elegant appearance will certainly fit into any interior.
The wedding ceremony and reception are one of the most awaited events in our life. It’s a moment when we want to feel special, and the entire setting of the wedding ceremony should recall pleasant memories in the future. Therefore, it is worth considering decorations that never go out of fashion, like candles. Their flame adds magic and romance. Also it builds the atmosphere of the ceremony. Unscented white pillar candles, set in glass tubes, as an element of the decoration in the church or wedding hall, will work perfectly here.

How about immerse yourself in home SPA zone? Our soy candle Cashmere & sea breeze will be perfect for celebrating these pleasant moments. It is a proposal with balsamic and water notes with the addition of floral and fruit oils. Everything is closed in an elegant glass with a lid made of hevea wood, which allows you to keep the fragrance after the ritual is over. Such an aroma can relax, envelop us with peace and restore balance. A perfectly matched candle not only has a decorative function, but also affects our comfort. So let's try to take just a small moment for ourselves.
It would seem that most fragrances are reserved exclusively for women. However, it is men who often surprise us with the selection of various elements for the interior design, guided by simplicity and elegance. Such is the NO series of candles and air fresheners, created for both women and men. Its everlasting classics, transparent glass and accessories in black and silver colours look beautiful in luxurious rooms. It’s a stunning home decoration that also smell amazing. The bouquet of fragrances includes woody, oriental and water notes interspersed with floral and fruit aromas.