We buy presents for the whole year. Frequently, we lack inspirations for unique gifts, that is why we seek help on-line. There is a wide range of on-line shops offering exclusive and unrepeatable presents. We encourage you to visit Bispol on-line shop https://www.sklep.bispol.pl/

We would like to present you a few gift proposals that are very popular among our customers.

Scented candles in glass Ambient – this collection is perfect for creating warm and unforgettable memories. Ambient candles are available in three fragrances: Citrus & Herbs, Tropical Island and Oriental Flowers. Colourful wax as well as original and modern package create a perfect unity.

Limited series of big scented candles in glass with a lid is our second proposition. You may choose among four various scents and colours.
Secret Garden is a flower bouquet full of roses, peonies and lilies.
Morning Mist is fresh and energising fragrance. It brings to mind warm summer mornings with a cup of coffee.
Love  – timeless and perfect for all people in love. Pleasant and delicate fragrance. Elegant, subtle label and wax in modern colour.
Special Day – our last proposal in the category of big scented candles in glass with a lid. With the use of this unique gift every day becomes special.

SPA Collection series – two unique candles in big elegant glass with a metal lid. They were created for the evening home SPA. You may choose between two fragrances: Japanese Garden and Zen Garden. Subtle wax colour fits perfectly to evening relaxation.

Last but not least, we recommend two wicked scented candles in elegant black packaging. Classic, timeless candle with elements of modern design. Thanks to the use of two wicks, the aroma is released more intensively and the candle gives more light. It is perfect for demanding users.