According to Polish tradition, All Saints' Day is celebrated on November 1. This is a time when we remember our deceased loved ones in a special way. We usually start preparing for these days in October. Then, with alle family we visit cemeteries to prepare graves for this special holiday. We lay flowers and light gravelights at the graves. We want the graves to look as good as possible during this time. So how to prepare graves and which gravelights to choose to commemorate our loved ones?

What flowers should we choose for the graves?
The flowers we place on graves are a sign of our memory and love. All Saints' Day is a holiday when we remember them about our love. Chrysanthemums are most often chosen - they symbolize the immortality of the soul. Other popular flowers are lilies, which symbolize purity, innocence and heavenly happiness. Heathers will look very nice. Both chrysanthemums and heather placed in a pot will stay fresh for a long time, and they can be watered until the frosts come. Artificial roses, carnations and orchids will look impressive in a vase. Most often, they are made of such materials that it is not easy to distinguish them from real flowers. Regardless of whether they are live or artificial flowers, it is worth choosing subdued colors. What matters most is quality, not quantity.

An interesting solution will also be to make a decoration or a wreath. We can use both live and artificial flowers for decoration. In addition to flowers, the headdress or wreath can be decorated with pine branches, pine cones, ornamental grass and fruit. Remember that the bouquet should match the size of the grave. It is worth making this special time a beautiful tribute to loved ones through silence and prayer for their souls.

Which gravelights should we choose for the graves?Gravelights and lanterns are a symbol of respect and memory of the deceased person. The light of candles creates an atmosphere of reflection and tranquility. The gravelight we choose depends only on our preferences. Currently, the market offers a wide range of products. We can choose from large and small glass gravelights. These can be lantern-type that gently emit a flow of light. Those with additional decorations, e.g. cross applications, look nice. When choosing large forms, it is worth choosing a rich glass shape. Such a gravelight on a grave will look extremely impressive. Here it is worth choosing products from the Premium Collection. They have a unique design and a unique rainbow effect. Their geometric shape effectively disperses light.

How to match the gravelight refills to the gravelight?Gravelight refills are undoubtedly its center. In order for the gravelight to fulfill its functional values, the refills must be properly matched to it. What matters here is both the height of the refill and its diameter. If the refill is too high, the cap's holes will be covered and, as a result, it will blow out. Too low may cause soot on the internal walls of the glass. Therefore, it will lose its aesthetic values. A low refill with an incorrectly selected diameter will cause its instability, which may contribute to its tilting, melting of the tube and spilling the contents of the wax inside the gravelight. Another aspect is the selection of burning time. Depending on the size of the gravelight, we ensure its burning from one day to over a week. Information about the burning time is placed on the label visible on the refill. For most Polish citizen, All Saints' Day is a very important religious and family holiday. It is a time of remembrance, reflection and contemplation. An opportunity to learn about your history and maintain interpersonal relationships.