When the autumn comes, we intuitively look for ways to light up our interiors. We pay more attention to the play of lights in houses and apartments trying to find a perfect solution that will combine artifical and natural light. As you know, natural light and its warm colour have a positive effect on human body and promotes relaxation. Candles can be a little taste of natural lighting at home. It is not only addictional light source but also a stunning decoration. Therefore, we present the most beautiful series of candles that will allow to enjoy natural brightness on shorter and gloomy days.

The products that we would like to present at the beggining are recently very popular – soy candles. Inspired by the nature, we have created an exclusive series of fragrances based on soy wax and natural essential oils. Carefully selected cotton wicks ensures a bright and stable flame. Candle lid made of hevea wood, fits perfectly with the eco friendly design, while protecting the wax surface from dirt. Natural ingredients make the product follow current trends on the market and its components are biodegradable. If you value such elements, these are the perfect products for you! Soy candles available in three extraordinary fragrance variants: bay leaf&blackberry, freesia&pear, cashmere&sea breeze.

Staying in an elegant design candles, it is worth paying attention to those from the Premium Line collection. Two wicks and transparent glass provide more glow and light which we need the most during the period. Numering on the label which is also the name, makes candles look timeless and tasteful. A functional silver lid protects the wax form the contamination and adds elegance at the same time. The formula enriched with essential oils provides a deep aroma sensations. Available in three fragrance compositions: agar wood&vanilla, patchouli&amber, peony&suede.

Our third proposal is series of candles with a decorative print. Modern composition makes them fit into the modern interiors. Aesthetically pleasing inscriptions will make you smile immedietaly and feel striking warmth. Burning candle not only provide natural light but is also an original decoration of any home. While choosing a perfect candle you can follow a charming print that will fit to other elements of the decoration, or the scent. There are also three fragrance variants in the series: peach&caramel, mango&coconut, lily&clove.

During the period, take the advantage of sunlight and enjoy all the benefits of it. Of course, candlelight will not replace daylight but will certainly have a positive effect on well-being. Moody lighting can restore the balance after busy day and has a calming impact. It will make the atmosphere more cozy and homely.