The right home decor has the magic to transform a space. Autumn season for house accessories starts shortly. It is a perfect time to do some small changes in our houses and apartments. To achieve an interesting effect of interior metamorphosis we do not need to renovate everything. You only need to buy a few little things to feel the new atmosphere and magic of renovated place.

Shorter days and cool evenings encourage to spend more time at home. Therefore, it is all about making the living space feel warm and cozy by buying  wool blankets and pillows. These products will not only warm us up, but will definitely warm up any interior and make you come back there. When looking for pillows, pay attention to the fabric they are made of - the more soft and fluffy, the better! Blankets and rugs are our best friends during this period, so they should find their place in every home.

An interesting idea is to replace fresh flowers with dried ones and create reeds. You can use any gifts of nature such as grains, colorful tree leaves, rowan twigs or pampas grass and of course – pumpkin. That solution animate the space and also introduce a note of stylish nostalgia. Combination of dried florals and designer flowerpot or vase will give the interior an autumn atmosphere and elegant look.

One of the most important element of autumn decorations is light. This time of the year, when the sun goes down faster and faster, invest in additional source of natural light. Set the atmosphere with varieties of candles and lanterns. They create a perfect cosy setting for a relaxing night and make the interior shiny. Swaying flames will put you in a state of silence and reflection, and will be a great complement to the autumn decorations.

Moreover, choosing scented candles enables keeping the favourite aroma in an interior for longer. Which fragrances do we choose for autumn? Preferably, those which warm up our senses and improve well-being. One of our proposition is sweet vanilla mixed with a hint of resin. Hidden in beautiful decorative glass will fit into autumn compositions. Summer and the beginning of fall is also the harvest time of the most popular fruit in Poland - apples. We like to eat them fresh and juicy, we make them into preserves or dry. The fruity aroma of dried apples brings to mind the times of childhood and, combined with a hint of cinnamon, will surely warm up the atmosphere.

Autumn decorations have a remarkable power – can create a pleasent and cozy ambience. Bring the warm colors of fall into your home with these simple decorating ideas and ejoy the moment. There is no time to waste!