This year, the autumn Bispol campaign will focus on promoting gravelight refills through two communication channels. We will emphasize the high quality of our products. We will also systematically monitor the progress of our advertising to ensure that our customers receive a clear message and therefore see the value of the campaign.

Ognik and Memoria refills on a large-format advertisement
Bispol's products were exposed using large billboards. We focus here on promoting Ognik and Memoria gravelight refills. Billboard advertising is placed in top locations throughout the country, in particular in the vicinity of cemeteries and on the main streets of large cities. The billboards were made using the latest technologies and high-quality materials, which will ensure impeccable exposure throughout the campaign. Thanks to billboard advertising, Bispol will increase its range and reach a larger group of recipients. In order to properly communicate our advertising campaign, we have prepared a set of marketing materials informing customers about the actions we have taken.

TV advertisement for Ognik and Memoria refills
Television advertising of Ognik and Memoria gravelight refills is directed to a wide audience. As in recent years, the advertising spot will be displayed on TV channels, between popular programs and broadcasts. Its frequency has been planned to attract as many viewers as possible. We want the advertisement to evoke positive associations and be remembered by everyone. We believe that the advertising message will influence the decision to buy our products.