The ceremony of the First Communion celebrated in Poland is an important experience in the life of a child and all family. As you know, such an event begins with a dignified Holy Mass and often its continuation is a party on this occasion.
Over time, we move away from small parties organized at home in favor of organizing functioning in catering establishments, such as restaurants, cafes, confectioneries. However, no matter where the rite is to take place, trying to make everything very aesthetically pleasing. When planning the height setting, we use artificial decorations such as flowers, balloon walls, decorative boards or candles. So how to use candles to prepare an original table arrangement? Let's check!

Pillar candles as a decoration of the table
As you know, candles have a special place in the Christian tradition and are constantly used during rituals. Therefore, it is difficult to imagine the First Communion without a candlelight. Unscented white or white pearl pillar candles, symbolizing purity and innocence, are especially recommended here. Set on a white tablecloth, in a decorative tray, surrounded by delicate flowers, they will add elegance and take on a sublime character. Candles in gold, silver or ecru will also look beautiful. Of course, their shade can also be properly matched to other elements of the decor. Then we can try, for example, light pink. Pillar candles will also look good in wooden or metal lanterns placed next to the table, stairs or at the front door.

Classic taper candles ideal for table arrangement
An excellent choice is not only pillar candles, but also taper and household candles. It is not without reason that they are considered timeless and classic among all types. Taper candles will perfectly fit into the subtle setting of the table at the First Communion party. Of course, they should be placed in dignified candlesticks in accordance with the seriousness of the event, and the choice of color should focus on light shades, in particular white.

Tealights as an element of decoration
When choosing a candle, the surface of the table is crucial. If it is small, tealights will become an alternative to the bigger candles. The use of tealights will make the whole arrangement lighter and more delicate. The candlelight emanating from the small crystal candlesticks will illuminate the table setting and bring a pleasant feeling of warmth. Thanks to carefully selected table runners and napkins, you will dazzle your guests with a wonderful atmosphere and provide an unforgettable visual experience during the party.

When preparing a communion party, take care of all the elements of the ceremony, including its setting. The presence of candles during the First Communion ceremony, in a non-exaggerated way, will emphasize the dignity of the party and create an effective decoration. Due to the seriousness of this ritual, we advise you to give up strong, flashy colors and focus on timeless shades of white or delicate pastels.