Garden or a terrace are asylum in every home. Let’s make sure this space is friendly enough to be able to relax in it. For the arrangement of the garden or terrace, it is worth choosing delicate fabrics with bright colors enriched with earth tones. They can be associated with lightness and blend in with the surroundings. Great solution can be to arrange rattan baskets or the recently fashionable armchairs made of pallets painted with white color. It is worth putting comfortable pillows and blankets on them, which can be useful on a cooler summer day. An interesting solution is also to hang a hammock and indulge in a blissful moment of relaxation while reading your favorite book or magazine. This space can be complemented by garden candles, which are an effective and practical decorative element. So what kind of candles should be choosen to give your garden or terrace some magical character?

Tealights can be used as a pleasant light floating above the garden, illuminating the green space. Can be also useful when eating outside. Burning time of tealight is about 4 hours. However, remember to put them on stands or a transparent candlestick, thanks to which you will avoid unnecessary dirt and damages. We can also decorate a glass for tealights with a jute string, which will surely delight everyone and will be beautifully presented on souvenir photos. Tealights are also perfect alternative to lamps. Thanks to them, we can create light points and illuminate paths, introducing a mysterious atmosphere in the evening.

Delicate decorated glass with fragrant wax hidden in it. The fresh scent of the Citronella candle, wrapped in a herbal accent, orange and jasmine blossom and smells amazing. Its soft and warm light creates an intimate atmosphere in the garden. Thick glass of candle ensure safety when using it outside. The carefully selected location of the wick protects the flame from gusts of wind.

Pillar candles are absolutely perfect alternative for those who want to combine elegance with functionality. You can choose from the color palette and pick your favorite one. Unscented white candles set in glass tubes, will look elegant, while colored ones will create a unique fairy-tale atmosphere. However, it is important to secure the candles by inserting them into a lantern. We should also pay attention to the appearance of the candlestick in which we put candle to make sure it will not dampen its light. Therefore, it is good to choose lanterns made of transparent glass, to expose pillar candles.  An interesting solution are also openwork lanterns, most often made of metal.

Candles are one of the most desirable decorative elements. They look great in any space, complementing previously planned arrangements. Those with earthy colors blend harmoniously with the surroundings, constituting a beautiful decoration. Do not be affraid to  experiment with colors. It can make your garden look fabulous. Even a few candles will completely change your garden and create a unique atmosphere, transforming it into a zone of relaxation and comfort.