December is one of those times of the year when, wrapped in bliss, we like to spend more time in our homes. This is the perfect time to prepare gifts for loved ones, or to prepare Christmas arrangements. Many people say that creating decorations by yourself is not easy. However, recently DIY has become a trend. The idea is to independently perform various works in order to create items, decorations, as a hobby, usually for your own needs. It turns out that with the help of items often found at home, we can create interesting decorations ourselves and it's not that difficult. DIY is also an interesting form of making a gift for a loved one, and thus a way to show our interest and care. It is also good fun, saving money or promoting an ecological lifestyle. So what decorations can we create using candles?

Unscented candles perfect for Christmas decorations
Making decorations is a challenge for DIY enthusiasts. At home, we can create original items that will not only change the decor of our home, but also delight our guests. During the holiday season, a Christmas wreath is a must-have.
To make the decoration, we need green, live fir or pine twigs, dried orange slices, cloves, pieces of jute string, unscented candles, floral sponge, and if we don't have it, it can be a piece of wire. The wire will be an ideal support for the decoration. It is best when the reed takes the shape of a circle.
So, what kind of candles use to make our DIY look attractive? Mainly, the choice of candles depends on creativity, idea and imagination. We can use unscented household candles, taper candles as well as pillar candles. However, it should be remembered that they should not touch the wreath directly and should be placed in vessels intended for this purpose. The wick of a candle should be placed vertically to prevent unnecessary dirt caused by wax melting. It is worth choosing the color of candle to match the decor of our interior or the main color of the Christmas celebration. The decoration in a form of wreath will look beautiful during the Christmas Eve dinner, and its scent will spread throughout the house.

Christmas candy container using a candle glass
The DIY idea can also be used in a Christmas arrangement in the kitchen. A glass candle container, e.g. in a large jar, can be wrapped with lights, and the inside filled with cellophane. Before use, the container should be carefully cleaned of wax residues and washed. Remember that the products stored in it should not come into direct contact with the glass. The decoration prepared in this way can be supplemented with your favorite candies. Their colorful papers will sparkle festively in the evening. Such an additional item in our space will certainly not disturb, and will create a cozy atmosphere. What counts here is our creativity. Creating decorations is a great fun, involving our loved ones. Nothing builds a relationship like spending a few moments together. A jar filled with sweets will also be a great idea for a Christmas gift. Just put a dedication in it or attach it to the jar.

Candleholder decoration of any interior
Sometimes you don't need much to create a moment of reflection. For some it may be hot tea and a favorite book, for others it will be a walk. A great way to cut yourself off from reality can also be to make decorations for our home, e.g. candlestick. It is definitely a timeless decoration that will please our eye not only in December. To create a candlestick, we need unscented tealight candles, a glass heat-resistant container or a piece of wood. A glass candlestick is definitely an easier option. Just use a jar or glass for this purpose, decorate it from the outside, and put the tealights inside. A more difficult option will be to use a piece of wood for the candlestick. You should cut a hole in it, or several holes in which you can put candle. A wooden candlestick is a decoration that fits both classic and modern interiors. It will bring a lot of coziness to your home. You can also give a candlestick made in this way as a gift to a person who likes natural home accessories.

Making DIY decorations is a real challenge for its lovers. Thanks to our ingenuity and skills, we will turn our interiors into cozy space, thus surprising our loved ones. We can adapt the appearance of the items we create to the changing seasons. A Christmas wreath will look different than a spring decorative wreath. We can really go crazy here. Christmas is undoubtedly a magical time. Let's surround ourselves with warmth and tenderness, and let the decorations created by us only complement these festive moments.

Merry Christmas!