The Pantone Color Institute announced the color Viva Magenta 18-1750 as the color of the year 2023. As specialists write, it is "a shade rooted in nature, derived from the red family and expressing a new signal of strength. It delights with energy and liveliness." This color is to symbolize a new opening, optimism and bring joy to everyday life.
The Viva Magenta color was inspired by cochineal red, one of the most valuable natural dyes known for a long time and used in many cultures to dye fabrics. This deep red falling slightly into pink will certainly be reflected in the trends for this year.
So how can we use it in our space, what interior accessories should we use to catch the eyes of people visiting us?

Viva Magenta color in the interior
In recent years, the top color that dominates interiors is white. We want a place where we live, stay or spend time, it envelops us with its simplicity. We often reach for various types of accessories, which are a nice, but not imposing accent. Currently, we can think about what accessories are worth buying. For those who own small apartments, a great addition will be bedspreads or blankets, pillows, curtains or other small decorations, of course in Viva Magenta color. People who live in a larger space may be tempted, for example, to buy armchairs or a sofa.
A simple and at the same time effective solution may be to paint the wall in this color or choose wallpaper with various motifs in shades of carmine red. In turn, if we want to introduce a bit of nature into the interior, let's focus on ornamental plants with this intense color.

Viva Magenta color in fashion
The most important color of 2023, of course, cannot be missing in the fashion world. Experts analyzing trends choose a color that also significantly affects designers as well as purchasing decisions in this area.
By choosing a fairly bold and intense color, the American Institute encourages experimentation and self-expression. Despite the announcement of this information only a few days ago, the Viva Magenta color has already been seen in the latest collections of famous fashion designers. Clothes in this shade can be worn in combination with other colors and as an addition to everyday styling. More courageous people can try a total look styling, where, of course, Viva Magenta will play the main role.

Intense shades in current trends!
The Viva Magenta color is an intense and stimulating color, so the amount of additives should be chosen carefully so it won’t cause general chaos in the interior. It is also the color of courage and dynamism, ideal for active people who want to be noticed. Carmine red will be great in the company of neutral shades such as beige and white, but it can also be combined with more contrasting colors like navy blue or green. In turn, when it comes to trends in the fashion industry – don’t be afraid of a strong color and let you express yourself!