August is a wonderful month in our calendar when we can enjoy the blessings of nature like fruits or vegetables. Usually it’s the last moment to catch rays of the sun and enjoy warm evening on the balcony. This month can create different association for everyone. One bring on mind beautiful warm summer, golden filds of grain that sparkle in the sunshine. Second see beautiful fruits and trees bending under their weight. Others feel the breeze of coming September and school year.

If we want to feel aroma of the sunny August in our home and bring some colours into it perfect solution will be buy scented candles. Many agree that yellow is a main colour of August.

Yellow flowers brings holiday into mind. Sunflowers are perfect example of that. Their apperance remind Sun in all its glory and placed on the balcony or garden will light up entire space. The scent of sunflowers locked in a jar which will hover in the air after lightening give our room summer character. In turn, a beautiful and intense colour will definitely catch the eye of household member and visitors.

If we prefer to choose a slighty different colour which can also be associated with August, we can select accesories in a delicate brown and orange colour. One of the fruit which appear on our trees in such a tone in August is peach. The fruit is incredibly rich in valueable nutritions and therefore contains very little calories. It can be eaten raw, in the form of household preparations or served as an addiction to dessert and dishes. For those who wants fo feel a fruity scent of a summer at home, candles with a grilled peach aroma will be perfect solution. Available both in a jar and in form of tealight, loved by everyone.

Candles are one of the most effective ways to decorate interior and bring warm vibes into it. Thanks to scents and colours we can easily change the look of our home and adapt it to the season or particular month. Summer is an extraordinary time, that’s why in August we should bet on a afternoon and eveving sun shades to use it in its entirety.