Valpe is a brand that not only provides unique fragrance experiences, but also enriches the space with an elegant and stylish decorative accent. Valpe products are synonymous with luxury and high quality. Each of them delights with its beautiful design and unique scent. Regardless of preferences, everyone will find the perfect product for themselves. Discover the world of Valpe and introduce a bit of elegance and pleasure into your life.


Scented candles with metal lids and diffusers
The NO series of candles and reed diffusers is the quintessence of minimalism and elegance. Designed for those who value simplicity and subtlety. These products fit perfectly into any interior, adding style to it. Valpe NO series candles are characterized by a minimalist design. A subtle label on the front of the glass, without unnecessary decorations, is a class in itself. Each candle has been carefully designed to introduce an original and unique scent into the interior. Our proposals include agarwood - vanilla, patchouli - amber and peony – suede scent. The series is complemented by aroma diffusers with black cellulose reeds with the same aromas.


Scented candles in matt glass
The Valpe brand also offers a new collection of candles in matt glass. A combination of luxury and harmony. Delicate gold prints on the glass and names referring to emotional states increase the prestige of the product. These elegant candles not only add beauty and elegance to the interior, but also cover them with unique aromas. Sensual is a fragrance full of sensuality and intimacy. Dream will take you to the world of dreams and fantasy. The balance candle will help you discover your inner balance, and the calm candle will surround the room with peace and relaxation. Additionally, the elegant packaging makes the candle a perfect gift for a loved one or as an addition to a special occasion.


Candles with wooden wick and diffusers
Do you want to introduce nature into the interior? Scented candles with a wooden wick from Valpe are a perfect example of combining an ecological approach with elegant style. When burning, a wooden wick made of natural wood produces a sound reminiscent of wood burning in a fireplace. Warm, calming light combined with essential oils contained in the candle creates an atmosphere conducive to relaxation. The series is complemented by scented diffusers whose design fits the concept of eco-products. An elegant label made of ecological paper and rattan reeds create a coherent whole.


Elegant fragrance diffusers
Valpe also offers scented diffusers from the eco line with increased capacity. Thanks to this solution, the aroma is released in the room for up to 12 weeks. Sophisticated fragrance compositions will give your interior a unique character. Black cellulose reeds are a tasteful accent in any modern interior. This series was packed in beautiful kraft type paper boxes. Gold-plated inscriptions on the label and packaging, in metallic colors, are additionally eye-catching and make the product unique.