Spring is the time of the year that we associate with changes in nature. It is also the freshness of the grass, the juiciness of the colors and, above all, the smell, which is much more perceptible at this time of year. This is due to the cool nights and earth-warming mornings. The fragrances on the market are most often inspired by nature.

Which fragrance notes to choose for spring?
With the change of season, it is worth reaching for more subtle fragrance compositions - fresh, light, floral. Spring fragrance notes are based on such blends of fragrances that perfectly harmonize with a warm, sunny day, and thus fully reflect the aura prevailing outside. In spring fragrances, there are often slightly stronger aromas that add a bit of character to the fragrances. The perfect proposition for refreshing the interior will be a diffuser with a flower with the scent of blooming jasmine. Notes of green leaves, lily of the valley and musk penetrate it. This is an excellent proposition for those who like delicate fragrances with a stronger accent. If you are looking for a more expressive fragrance, you can bet on the composition of vanilla and agarwood which can be found in a reed diffuser No1. In this composition, the sweetness of vanilla is perfectly combined with the wood aroma, creating the perfect blend.
If you want to create a feeling of freshness and energy in your room, it is worth betting on citrus notes. Citrus is perfect for a relaxing break or to spice up the atmosphere at a meeting with friends. A combination of lemon, orange and bergamots works best. These three ingredients will create a refreshing bouquet for your rooms and you will find it in our big jar candle.

What scents for what time of day?
Fragrances affect our senses, soothe or stimulate them. When choosing fragrances, it is worth taking into account the time of day. Citrus notes that will bring freshness and energy will be perfect for mornings, such as a candle with the scent of lemongrass and herbs. During the day, you can try a sweet or spicy scent. The perfect choice will be a mix of sandalwood and cinnamon scents, as well as violet rose and lavender.
For the evening, smooth fragrances, such as patchouli, are strongly recommended. If you want your interiors to smell like a garden full of flowers, you can experiment with different compositions to create a unique fragrance that will add a touch of charm to any space at any time of the day.
When to choose fruity fragrances and when to avoid them?
Fruity fragrances are the perfect choice for every season. Their fresh and juicy aroma reminds you of the beauty of a warm day. However, for more formal occasions, it may be too intense. In this case, it is better to choose a subtle and delicate fragrance of flowers.
When it comes to less formal occasions, you can combine a floral and fruity arrangement to create a unique mix. A candle with the scent of freesia and pear will be perfect here. Remember, however, that fruity fragrances should be moderate - you don't want to overdo it!
In general, when it comes to choosing the right fragrances for your surroundings, it is important that the fragrance you choose matches the atmosphere and personality of your guests.
When it comes to herbal scents, they are best for relaxation and meditation. Idyllic aromas of lavender or mint will add positive energy and calm your thoughts. Experiment with candle scents to create a relaxing atmosphere.
All in all, the versatility of fragrances can be impressive - from subtle vanilla to more intense cinnamon or cloves! Choose fragrances according to the circumstances and mood, and create your own compositions to enrich the atmosphere of any room.