Winter has already come to our houses. We slowly decorate interiors with Christmas-related accents. It is a wonderful time associated with bliss and happiness. First Christmas songs can be heard on the radio, shop windows getting rich in colorful baubles, cities are slowly lighting up with colorful garlands, here and here merchants are selling fragrant Chrismtas trees. It is without doubt one of the most beautiful time of the year. Slowly, we start wondering which colour choose for Christmas Eve table decor. We are looking for the best solution to make our interior look stylish and elegant.

Christmas table in candlelight
Table is a unique furniture where we gather with people and meet during all family events. Therefore, table settings, especially on Christmas Eve, cannot be accidential. We should not only take care of traditional dishes but also choose the right tableware and accessories. What, then,  should appear at home to feel the true spirit of Christmas?
White tablecloth is certainly a symbol of purity. It gives us also a lot of decorative possibilities. We can choose accessories in various colors. However, it is important that they fit together. Don't forget to put a handful of hay under the tablecloth. Good idea is to place a runner on the tablecloth to give it a festive character and protect from possible staining.One of the most important elements of table decoration is tableware. Without it, Christmas Eve dinner would not be possible. Placed on a white tablecloth will impress our guestes and make dishes taste better than ever. We should also take care of well-polished cutlery and make sure they come from one set. Tealights can be also useful during that day. You should only place small candle under a proper pot to enjoy warm meal all evening. However, remember to use unscented tealights.

Perfect addidtion to the tableware could be napkins with a Christmas pattern. Paper ones will definitely be a practical choice. However, the material ones seem to be more elegant. Rolled into a fancy shapes will surely delight our guests. Of course you cannot forget about candles as a symbol of warmth, good, love and perfect decoration element. Taper and table candles can be displayed in a Christmas wreath made of green fir or pine branches. Unscented pillar candles can be placed in a glass tubes. You can choose classic red, elegant white or any other color matching to the ceremony. There are also candles with festive pattern which do not require additional ornament.

Flame of burning candle looks magnificent and create magical atmosphere. Do not forget to place it on a Christmas table. It is an element of decoration that surely warm up our hearts and ensure moment of reflection.