Each of us has worse days from time to time, when the amount of daily duties, stress at work and other problems make us feel exhausted, burnt out and helpless. The fact is that long term stress and overworking are destructive to our body making us more vulnerable to various health problems. During such a period, it is good to slow down, find some time to rest and gain strength. For this purpose it is worth creating in your home a place, where you can relax and clear your head. While organizing your own home relaxation area, remember about scented candles, which reduce tiredness and fill you with good energy and optimism.

Bispol in its offer has a wide range of candles from SPA Garden series, which will help us clear our body and mind. One of our proposals is candle in glass with a lid available in two options: small candle with burning time 28 hours and a larger one with burning time up to 100 hours!

SPA Garden series offers also two versions of smaller candles in glass. The first of them, scented candle in subtle, elegant glass with burning time 24 hours will perfectly fit into your home relaxation zone.
A magnificent tricolour and multi layered candle with two wicks creates a unique atmosphere and enables to cherish the relaxing aroma for about 32 hours.
In addition to candles in glass, Bispol SPA Garden series also has smaller, colourful scented candles.
For all those who appreciate not only the relaxing properties of the fragrance, but also the elegant design, we recommend SPA Collection series. These are two unique scented candles in big, simple glass with a metal lid, which will fill your home with subtle aroma and will turn out to be a tasteful and unique decorative element.
Create your own home relaxation area, where you will clear your mind, gather strength and will return to work and household duties full of energy and new ideas!