The last weeks turned out to be a very difficult experience for most of us. The prohibition of leaving house, isolation, lack of physical contact with our beloved ones, fear and uncertainty about the future – all this have a negative impact on our psycho and mood. Despite the gradual abolition of restrictions, our lives will not return to normal at once. We still live under stress and fear for our health. Nevertheless, the life goes on and it depends mainly on ourselves how we will deal with this situation.

We would like to present you several methods how to clear your mind, relax and gain strength to face the new reality.

The first and very important step is to take a break from following the news, either on TV or websites. Let us free the mind from overwhelming information at least for a few hours a day. Such a temporary break will definitely have a positive impact on our psychological well-being.

Another, equally important issue is taking care of our body. A healthy, rich in vitamins and minerals, diet, as well as physical activity will help us in this. Nothing raises the level of endorphin like an intensive training. Let us stick to the timeless rule: a sound mind in a sound body!

It is obvious that staying at home and lack of contact with friends doesn’t have a positive effect on our well-being. For this reason it is very important to organize your sanctuary, your own relaxation area, a place where you can rest, calm down and clear your mind. Such a place can be a balcony, terrace, bedroom or bathroom – all you need is a few small details. Let us make sure that our resting place is rich in candles, because their subtle light will calm body and mind. Looking at blinking candle flame relaxes and helps to regain inner peace. Scented candles, whose aromatic oils have relaxing properties, are of great importance. Everyone should choose a fragrance individually to their own preferences.

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Let’s take appropriate steps to face the new and difficult reality.