Autumn is the time when we usually slow down after an active and busy summer. Although most of us do not like this season, it may, in fact, be a really pleasant time of the year. You should only bear in mind that the crucial issue is maintaining balance. For this reason, it is worth making use of long autumn evenings, especially the rainy ones to rest and relax in a pleasant and cosy atmosphere.

Appreciate small pleasures
The ability to rest is equally important as a zeal for work. Getting into a state of pleasant relaxation depends on our attitude. In order to truly appreciate small pleasures you should  practise the philosophy of hygge. For this reason, you should create a place in your home where you will feel comfortable. You will only need a few things: candles, wax melts, a warm blanket, a cup of hot tea, a good book or an interesting film.

Relaxing candle light
Nothing provides such a calm and pleasant mood like candle light in the evening. This is probably the easiest way to put our body and soul into the state of relaxation. While burning candles it is good to use high quality products which do not smoke or drip.
The choice of candles depends on individual preferences. Lately, the most popular are pillar candles. They are universal, elegant and their height as well as diameter meet the needs of even the most demanding customers. If you choose candles, you should adjust the size of candle to the time and frequency of burning. If you want to use candles frequently and for a long period of time, you should choose larger sizes. While burning several candles at once, you will achieve the effect of more light. It is necessary to use pillar candles together with candle holders and candlesticks.
An interesting option are also rustic candles, which thanks to their natural colours are a unique decorative element of every interior. 
Another option are votive candles. They are usually used in glass containers, because they melt while burning. Thanks to carefully designed containers, they can be placed on a table or a windowsill without the risk of damaging the surface on which they stand.

Calming senses
Why don’t you introduce a little bit of aroma into your interior? It will be an excellent idea! Some fragrances have therapeutic properties and will help you to relax and calm your senses. If you look for something more vigorous you should choose more expressive scents. It is worth getting to know more about the influence of fragrances on our general mood. Scented candles are a great source of beautiful fragrances.

If you appreciate the intensity of scent it is worth to choose wax melts. Wax is placed in a burner’s bowl and melts under the influence of tealight. We decide on the intensity of the fragrance by increasing or reducing the amount of wax pieces.