Lavender is a plant whose unusual properties have been known to the mankind for centuries.
We may distinguish a lot of species of lavender, showing a number of more or less obvious application possibilities. Many of us grow lavender in home gardens, flowerbeds and balconies as an ornamental plant, but we cannot forget that lavender is a medicinal plant with extensive use.

Lavender oil obtained from flowers contains substances such as linalol, geraniol and minerals that show strong calming and relaxing properties. The soothing scent of lavender has a positive effect on our nervous system. The aroma relieves stress, anxiety, emotional fear and significantly improves the quality of sleep. For this reason, people who have problems with sleep,  want to relax, rest and clear their mind should use diffuser or burner with lavender wax in their bedroom.

Lavender oil has also positive impact on our health. It has antiseptic and antifungal properties, for this reason it has a positive effect on the treatment of various infections. In case of cold or upper respiratory tract infection it is worth helping oneself with inhalations with a few drops of lavender oil. Such treatment will certainly support the process of recovery.

One should remember that lavender is also widely used in the kitchen. It is frequently accompanied by other herbs and spices used to enhance the flavour of meat dishes. Lavender is also one of the ingredients of Herbes de Provence. What is more, by placing dried lavender flowers together with sugar in a closed container, after a few weeks we will get lavender sugar, which is ideal for baking. Lavender is also a honey plant, flowers rich in nectar are used to obtain very valuable lavender honey, which is considered as an exclusive product of the highest quality.

Lavender is a plant that is widely used in cosmetics. Lavender oil, thanks to its antifungal properties, is a component of a number of creams for soft and sensitive skin as well as it helps to fight with acne and dandruff.

Aromatic lavender definitely is not favourite fragrance of insects, such as mosquitoes and moths. Fragranced products such as candles, diffusers, wax melts with the aroma of lavender will improve our fight with annoying insects.