Scented candles, diffusers and wax melts should be adjusted to a particular person, just like perfumes. We should rely on our own taste, because just after a few minutes we are able to determine whether we like the fragrance or not.

Beautiful and aromatic scents are now an absolute ‘must have’ in modern interior. In order for the fragrance not to annoy us, it should be carefully matched to our character.
For the fans of nature we recommend herbal fragrances, such as universal and timeless aroma of lavender, mint and eucalyptus. They will be perfect for an evening relaxation.
Soft, subtle and flowery scents are dedicated to romantic women. The scale of flowery notes is very wide. Rose, lilac and lily are examples of soft and refreshing compositions.
Citrus fragrances, which are the basis of the majority of fragrance compositions, are dedicated to active, vigorous and ambitious people. The aroma of lemon, bergamot and orange is soft, stimulating and refreshing. They make us ready to work and brighten our mood.
Another equally important group of fragrances are ‘gourmand’ aromas – especially valued by food lovers. Vanilla, chocolate and cookies are the base of all ‘delicious’ fragrance notes.

For brave, self-confident people we recommend intense, dominant aromas which add expressiveness to the interior. Cinnamon, sandalwood, nutmeg and musk are directed to oriental and extraordinary styles.