Spring is a time of changes, moments that bring not only fresh air, but also iconic products. They become an integral part of this magical time. One of them is a series of candles and diffusers in frosted glass. Their scent will take on a new dimension to your day. Discover unique products with us and allow yourself a moment of relaxation surrounded by the delicate scent of spring inspirations.

Lotus flower
Spring is a time to relax. It is now worth surrounding yourself with scents that give you positive energy.
The Lotus Flower candle and reed diffuser set was created with special moments in mind. Fragrance notes of apple, orange and cedarwood will take you to a world full of harmony and relaxation. This fragrance is both subtle and strong, enveloping the senses with notes of sweetness and freshness. It is a scent that relaxes the mind and provides life energy. The colors of this set are optimistic, associated with bliss and warmth. Just pure quintessence of elegance. 

Dark blackberry
There are many ways to relax. After an intense day full of challenges, nothing is as soothing as the gentle light of a candle flame and its pleasant scent. Dark blackberry is not only a mixture of perfectly selected ingredients - it is a real feast for the senses.
Just close your eyes and feel this sweet aroma and let yourself get away from everyday worries. This scent will fill the interior with peace and joy, providing a moment of blissful relaxation.
Let the scent of the Dark Blackberry candle become your favorite element of your evening ritual. Time for yourself, to reset your mind and regenerate your strength. By lighting this candle, you give yourself a gift of relief for your body and soul.

Herbal garden
Move to the Herbal Garden smelling of lemon, bergamot and cedarwood, a place full of freshness and energy flowing from nature. The delicate, aquamarine color of the glass and wooden lid harmonize with interior designs and an ecological lifestyle. Immerse yourself in the Herbal Garden today!


Travel with us to the interior of unique aromas, do not hesitate, check out our collection and discover your favorite spring fragrances.