Spring abounds in changes in many aspects of life. Nature takes on a new look when waking up to life, we change winter wardrobe into summer or interior design by hiding thick blankets for light fabrics. Spring is also a time for new arrivals in Bispol! We present our products that have recently appeared in the offer, hoping you love them.

Let’s start with the new Chocolate-orange fragrance line. Chocolate is one of the most desirable delicacy of many people around the world. Not only does it taste delicious but also smells delightful. It brings positive memories, has a stimulating effect but it is also the sweetest aphrodisiac. Maybe that’s why it is so willingly use not only in the food industry but also in cosmetics and perfumery. Imagine the scent of hot chocolate floating in the air combined with juicy and refreshing orange notes. Utilizing one of the most desirable fragrance combinations make using these candles an addiction. The Chocolate-orange line is a perfect aromatic meeting that stimulate senses, so don’t hesitate any longer to buy it.

Anyone with a sweet tooth will appreciate the next proposition. Limited edition of a big jar candles Cherry dream and Blueberry dessert are fragrances which thanks to their deliciousness will satisfy many sweet cravings. In the Cherry dream candle, the scent of juicy and ripe cherries is combined with the aroma of fresh strawberries and sweet cookies, creating an exquisite finished product. Blueberry dessert candle is a reflection of sweet berries, peaches and oranges that will take you back to the pleasant memories of holidays and home cooking. What’s more, this delicious dessert won’t add unnecessary calories and the sweetness of both fragrances will make candles loved by whole family.

Autumn fragrances are also new in the offer of big jar candles. Our first proposition is Pumpkin Pie candle a scent that brings to mind everything we love about the season. Beautiful orange color is a reflection of the juicy pumpkin tart with addition of aromatic spices such a cinnamon and nutmeg. The second proposition, also reffering to the autumn and winter season, can be a perfect choice for cold evenings wrapping you with a pleasant aroma. Favorite wine and a selected blend combining notes of cloves, cinnamon, ginger and anise create a warm and invitating fragrance. Such an aroma like Mulled wine enclosed in a big jar candle will surely warm up the atmosphere.

The latest novelties on the fragrances list stray from the appetizing delicacies. The Violet garden fragrance line is a sunny welcome to the new season which can already come into your home today. The beautiful purple color refers to the fragrant flowers that appear in our gardens in springtime. Violet garden offers a bouquet of such fragrances as lily of the valley and hyacinths that give a gentle character to the composition. In addition, subtle fruity notes combine with musk, bring out the depth of floral scents.

Jasmine is one of the most beautiful white flowers of the spring season. Not only smells amazing but also looks beautiful in a vase. That is why we have decided to enclosed this charming aroma in the new Blooming jasmine scented candles. A subtle combination of jasmine flowers and fressia wraps you in a calming veil of delicate blossoms. This blend is a wonderful spring fragrance that will brighten up your home and become a perfect addition to reading a book or taking relaxing bath.