Every candle lover has probably repeatedly wondered what to do with the remaining containers. Most of us do not want to throw away glasses or jars, for this reason we would like to suggest you how to give them a second life.

Bispol in its offer has large and small scented candles in glass, which after burning can be used in several various ways. Transparent glass can easily be turned out to a flowerpot, in which all types of succulents will look spectacular. All you need is a little bit of soil, decorative pebbles, moss and small plants. Such a decoration will fit perfectly into every modern interior.

Glass containers recovered after burned candles, especially those in colourful or graphically decorated glass, will be an unusual decoration of every interior. After burning, containers can be reused in a number of different ways. They will be perfect for storing all kind of cosmetic accessories such as cotton pads, makeup brushes, lipsticks or toothbrushes. Add a little bit of luxury to your daily skincare rituals.

Glass candle containers will be perfect for storing desk accessories such as pens, pencils, scissors, rulers or paperclips. It is a perfect way to finally keep order on our desks and make every day activities more pleasant.

Nowadays, when more and more attention is paid to ecology and zero waste idea, it is advisable not to throw away any glass containers, but to give them a second life and reuse them in more or less obvious purposes. 

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