Summer is a time of warm days, beautiful moments spent outside, whether on vacation abroad, at home or in the countryside with grandma. Most of us love holidays and the memories they leave behind each year. We also associate holidays with many beautiful fragrances. Thanks to our products, you can recreate them throughout the year to take your mind somewhere else. Sunny weather always motivates us to act and fills us with energy. However, on such hot and sunny days, we are looking for ways to refresh and soothe. We always associate summer with fresh air, a yard full of colorful flowers and a fresh sea breeze. But what about our house and its interior? How about bringing all these scents inside your home?
However, the question is what kind of fragrance will be perfect? We certainly recommend the most refreshing ones, which won’t be too strong and won’t overwhelm us, or fragrances that reflect the sweet summer fruits and fragrant flowers. When deciding on your favorite aroma, you can have them in several forms. Our offer includes scented candles, reed diffusers and room sprays. It’s not only a great idea to refresh and give your home a summer breeze, but also a way to improve your well-being. Thanks to the following suggestions, you will surely find something for yourself!

When choosing scented candles, we focus on classic and a pleasant atmosphere created by the flame of burning wick. In this case, what would you say to a candle with the Summer Morning scent, placed in an interesting ribbed glass? This smell reminds fresh, cotton linen with the addition of lime aroma and fragrant holiday flowers. Another proposal is aimed for people who prefer typically fruity aromas. Our big jar scented candles offer includes such fragrances as, for example: Orange or Tropical fruit. They will not only delight us with their fresh and sweet scent, but will also accompany us for a long time due to their capacity. On the other hand, the Bay leaf-blackberry scented candle will steal your hearts not only with its elegant fresh scent, but also with a wooden wick, which makes extremely pleasant sounds of sizzling wood when burning. It may brings to mind a joyful moments spending during summer bonfire with friends for many of us.

Reed diffusers are a perfect solution for people who do not like the ritual of candles burning. They can be placed anywhere we want, where they will spread your favorite fragrance up to several weeks. An interesting proposition, just in time for summer days, may be the Blooming Jasmine diffuser. Thanks to its simplicity in appearance, will fit into any interior, while looking very aesthetically pleasing. Scent of blooming jasmine with the addition of refreshing fruit will create at your home an atmosphere of a garden full of unusual flowers. For those who prefer more eye-catching decorations, we recommend a flower diffuser with the scent of Fresh Flowers. A flower made of natural wood, when placed in a glass bottle, soaks up with a beautiful fragrance and color, spreading the aroma around the room. Thanks to this, you can enjoy both the original scent and decoration. Another interesting proposal can be reed diffuser from the eco-design line, releasing the aroma of vanilla and refreshing citrus. An elegant bottle with a black cap and eco-style label is a perfect composition for people who value modernity.

Fragranced room sprays has many applications. It’s a perfect solution to refresh the interior in simple and quick way. Just a few sprays are enough to feel the fragrance you love throughout the house. In addition, it eliminate unpleasant odours and provide a pleasant ambience. Our suggestion of refreshing aromas are of course White Flowers and Peony. These very floral fragrances also hide the power of fresh sea notes and the addition of fruits. Thanks to the highly concentrated formula, the product is extremely efficient. Room sprays can be used several times a day, according to your preferences, so that your favorite aroma is still noticeable throughout the home.

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