Spring is considered the most beautiful season of the year for a reason. When sunny days come after winter and the associated low well-being , there is also a satisfaction and burst of new energy. Bloomig flower buds on bare branches and birds returning from warm countries inspire positive action. It is also a perfect time for love. However, we are not going to talk about love between partners here. Fall in love with Bispol candles this spring!
If you look for a beautiful floral scent, try Home Sweet Home candle. Don’t be deceived by the subdued label and name. Its marvellous aroma will make your home smell like a flower market, in the best possible way. Velvety fragrances notes of hyacinths, lilies, violets and carnation leaves will make the moments pleasant for all lovers of floral fragrances.

Still on the  floral fragrances subject, let’s focus on a unique candle in a jar with a lid – White flowers. The captivating scent of delicate lily of the valley flowers, jasmine, ylang-ylang combined with a note of freshly cut grass and ozone. Light aroma composition adds energy and allows a moment of relax. This extremely floral explosion will surely appeal to even the most sophisticated tastes. Everything complemented by a stylish label with golden ornament, making the candle fit perfectly into many interiors.

What kind of flowers can be also associated with spring? Of course, there are many of them but it is worth mentioning violets. They are very graceful flowers that fits for outdoor and indor use, not only during the spring time. Surrounded by velvety leaves, blue and purple flowers attract almost every look. Extremely vivid color perfectly matches the spring colourway. Tricoloured scented candle in a square glass with two wicks is a solution that provides sensations to the senses of sight and smell. An interesting fragrance composiotion based on refreshing bergamot and mixture of floral aromas will be a great evening relaxation companion.

We associate April not only with flower buds but also tree branches which slowly start to getting green and put on a fabulous floral show. Cherry tree is no doubt one of the most beautiful trees this time of a year. Its pale pink flower petals – a symbol of renewal – add extraordinary charm and a fairy-tale aura to the surroundings. All this is topped with a delicate scent floating in the air. And this is the aroma that has been enclosed in the cherry blossom – amber scented candle. Its captivating fragrance combined with sweet fruits aroma, brings to mind an idyllic and fabulous landscape.

When choosing appropriate spring candle it is also worth focusing on the packaging and design. It is the second element that we pay the most attention to. Bispol offers two shapes of candles in a foil. Among many interesting graphics we can also find those with a spring theme. Spring refreshment and spring greenery candles deserve special attention. Picturesque blooming flowers among scenery in shades of green will revive the interior and introduce a spring atmosphere. In turn, a singing bird on a branch surrounded by white flowers will take you straight to the botanic garden. And if you dream of an interior filled with oriental bouquets, choose floral jungle or touch of nature candle. Colorful flowers with a hint of exotic let you enjoy the magical atmosphere and the original fragrance make you feel like in a wonderland.

Nothing improves mood like your favorite candle scent in the air. However, it may take some time to find the perfect one, so start your search today. Enrich beautiful floral aromas with an original spring pattern and feel the spring to the fullest!