March is a month when nature comes to life. We welcome the calendar spring and say goodbye to the winter at the same time. With the arrival of longer and sunny days we also feel the desire to revive and change. It’s a perfect time to replace your lazy winter habits and move forward. Spring time it’s not only a mental revolution in your professional and private life but also tradition that allows to freshen up our houses.
Probably each of us loves to welcome the new season in our home and decorating with seasonal items, that gives the interior a fresh look. In this article you will find out how to quickly and efficiently prepare your home for spring.

1. First thing that may comes to mind when thinking of spring is spring cleaning. Warm weather and more sunny days are perfect motivation to rid your space of clutter. Get into the nooks and crannies and wipe away winter dust, clean your windows, shake the rugs and enjoy the feeling of cleanliness in your home. Clean up your wardrobe as well – replace thick sweaters and jackets with a spring collection. Get rid of unused clothes and accessories and organize the rest by colors or how often you wear it. Your closet will look appealing and your every day routine will be easier.

2. An easy way to introduce touch of spring and refresh the look of interior is adding colorful accessories. Replace dark, winter decoration with materials and items appropriate to the season. Of course don’t forget to get rid of thick rugs and blankets. When decorating remember about yellow color. With yellow curtains, pillows and photo frames give any room the sunshine treatment. You can also choose floral pattern or pastel prints to brighten up your space. Think about multi-colored rug on the floor and garden-inspired tablecloth.

3. Give your home a fresh spring aroma by using reed diffusers. This season choose delicate floral or refreshing citrus scents. If you want diffuser to become a main decoration, choose the one in an elegant bottle with scent of cut roses or musk and citrus. By choosing diffuser with flower you will make it decoration admired by all guests. An alternative to the diffusers can be scented candles. In the Bispol offer you will find many colors and floral fragrances that fill the space with charming aroma and add spring character. Don’t hesitate to try candles in glass and foil with picturesque eye-catching patterns.

4. Who doesn’t like fresh flowers? Bring Mother Nature indoors by putting tulips, daffodils or any favourite spring flowers in colorful vases. They will look perfect in any room and brighten up the space instantly. If you’re not a huge fan of flowers, decorate home by using fresh fruits instead. Adding lemons and oranges on the table or kitchen counter is a great spring tablescape idea. If you have unused space, consider adding a bunch of potted plants. Choose colorful flowerpots for them in different shapes and sizes. An interesting solution is recently very popular vertical garden. A perfect answer for little space and captivating decoration that work for inside and outside use.

5. However, if you dream of bigger change, take a bolder step. Paint the kitchen island or the lower cabins with an eye-catching color or lighten up brick on the wall with white or cream paint. And if you’re looking for a way to liven up your home outside – update front door color! It will change the apperance of home in a big way and for sure surprise many passers-by. Another idea to bring some spring into home is wallpaper inspired by floral patterns. Creating an accent wall in one of the rooms not only brighten up the space but will also look stylish.

There are many ways to bring your home to life before the calendar spring comes. Whether you’re looking for a big change or just a small touch of spring, make a mekeover today. Say goodbye to the winter decor for the one that will give you positive energy and make you feel spring refreshement.