Probably each of us has often wondered whether burning candles has an impact on our health. There are many theories about this. It is worth getting acquainted with the research carried out and the opinions of scientists. Women's health magazine, which is a lifestyle guide for active women, has published an interesting article providing knowledge in this field.

Candles are the current trend on the market. They are an elegant decoration, create a mood and additionally fill the interior with your favorite scent. We often give them to our relatives as gifts on various occasions. So let's check what the experts say about their safety.

Let's start with the fact that today we are surrounded by various chemicals in most industrial products. However, you should always pay attention to their quantity. Allergist Karin Pacheco of National Jewish Health believes that unless we burn many candles in a small space without ventilation, the levels of inhaled chemicals are very low. When burning candles, first of all pay attention to the safety symbols placed on labels or cardboard boxes. There are, among others information about room ventilation.

Paraffin candles can produce formaldehyde, benzene, and acetaldehyde, but these are small amounts. So the candle technically gives off chemicals, but studies have shown that they cannot cause any health problems due to their concentration. As in the perfumery industry, in the production of candles, it may happen that we feel irritated. However, this is the result of the use of aromas, it means it’s just reaction to the smell.

Dr Nikaeta Sadekar, a toxicologist and senior scientist at the Fragrance Research Institute, believes that the concentration of chemicals in candles is so negligible that they cannot harm the environment. The carbon compounds formed after lighting the candle in combination with the air evaporate almost immediately. Thus, an ordinary consumer who burns candles in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations has practically no negative impact on the environment.

How to safely use candles?
As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the most important factor in the safety of using candles is proper ventilation of the room. Each flame, both the candle and the fireplace, requires adequate air circulation. Also remember to always trim the candle wick. Too high causes smoke, black deposits on the glass and uncontrolled flames that do not look aesthetically pleasing.