Candles have a long and storied history. Initially, they provided a main source of light, but over time their role began to evolve. After a moment of oblivion associated with the invention of light bulbs, they began to gain value again becoming more and more popular among buyers.

Most likely, the candle was inspired by a torch. People started looking for a solution that would make it possible to obtain a smaller and more mobile light source. Linen fiber were no longer doused with oil. They started  to use beeswax instead, gradually forming a cylinder with a wick embedded in the center. Historic breakthrough was an invention of stearin. Low production cost made candles become an easy affordable commodity for the masses. Paraffin candles, known to us today, also appeared in the same century.

Nowadays, candles are produced in a variety of shapes, colors and scents. Despite the fact that they have been dominated by electricity and do not serve such a functional role on an everyday life, they are still irreplaceable in many situations.

First of all, candles are an important decorative element at any home. Due to their great variety, we can easily decorate space and adapt it to our own needs or the season. Candles not only look delightful, but also give character. Flickering candles light create a unique atmosphere at home. It is a great idea for any celebration of important moments. We light them on birthday cakes, accompany us at weddings, meetings with friends or at a romantic dinner. Using candles to decor living room, bedroom, bathroom or garden is just a pleasure.

Scented candles are perfect way to release a pleasant aroma into the whole interior. There are also fragrances on the market that can effectively eliminate unwanted odors. With the aromatized candle burning, the pleasant smell that spreads through the environment has a relaxing effect and increases the feeling of comfort. Essential oils contained in candles  can also contribute to better concentration and well-being. Extremely wide assortment of Bispol’s candles allow to choose from numerous floral, fruit or Christmas aromas.

In addition to their utility, decorative and relaxing functions, candles can also be a great idea for an original gift. Packed in a beautiful box, every recipient would be thriller to get them. It is a brilliant present idea for both women and men. Moreover, candles make a great gift for yourself especially when you need a bit of relaxation after a hard day.

Nowadays, candles are still of great importance to everyone. They are not only interior decoration but also create a cozy and homely atmosphere. Scents are obviously one of the most important part of candles that make us want to have them at home.