Spring is coming! It’s high time to change sad and dull colours into something more expressive, which will put you in a good mood.

Changes should not only be made in our wardrobe, but also at home! If you want to introduce a little bit of colour into your apartment, you should choose candles – it is the best and cheapest way to restore your home’s décor.
Based on global trends we propose the following trends together with the colour pallete to help you choose our products:
Well-being and harmony – it’s a trend which can be found in Megatrend Catalogue. It can be characterised by sensuality and it brings relief to your body and soul. It fills the room with silence, calmness and creates the feeling of cosiness and comfort. Natural, linear patterns and materials bring to mind 50s and 60s. Marbles, dunes and coloured glass evoke the feeling of comfort and space.
Subtle sweetness – softness, colour play and lightness are characteristic for woman nature. Soft and delicate moments are created with gold, copper, marble and crystals in subtle pastel colours. Sweet scents as well as sparkling shells evoke soft summer flavours.