Winter is slowly coming to an end. It is high time to prepare your home and wardrobe for the upcoming season. We have a few tips on how to change your interior with the use of small decorations such as candles, thanks to which you will introduce a touch of modernity into your home. Based on global trends, we would like to present the following trends for the upcoming season spring-summer 2020.

Catch the moment! – Vibrant, colourful trend that brings happiness in everyday life, inspired by Italian Riviera and travelling off the route. Simplicity and happiness show respect to the local handcraft and comfort. Light pastel colours, shades of yellow, brown and orange inspire and introduce balance in any interior.

Timeless classic – Inspired by ancient civilizations and modern minimalism. It can be characterised by back to the roots, clean line, organic forms and raw materials such as stone and marble, the only things that are essential and minimal. Dominant are natural and earthy colours combined with the shades of brown and gold.

Bold heritage – Trend based on younger generations and their interest in heritage and handcrafts in modern version. Characterised by eclectic minimalism, childish simplicity and brave colours mixed with Scandinavian design. Colours are bold and intensive in contradiction to used materials like wood, cotton or natural linen.

Love & Lust – Last but not least, the fourth trend expresses emotional part of ourselves, love and romanticism. Characterised by abstract paintings, setting free emotions and creativity. It uses natural materials such as marble, brushed metal and colourful glass. Colours are saturated and calming senses.