Low temperature outside motivates us to make time spent at home even more pleasant as well as to make our interiors as cosy as possible. Candles, both scented an unscented will be an ideal tool for creating unique atmosphere.

Winter is the time when we look for fragrances that are sweet and warm. Bispol in its offer has a wide range of fragrances that will fit into every interior and will create unique and cosy atmosphere.

The first of our proposals is big scented candle with a lid Chocolate-Cherry:
Unique combination of sweet chocolate with a slightly sour note of refreshing cherry will add any interior tempting sweetness and freshness. In addition, the intensive red colour of wax perfectly completes this fragrance combination, moving body and mind to calm and warm winter mornings.

Another aroma that perfectly fits into the current season is cinnamon fragrance. We offer candle in simple and elegant glass with burning time up to 24 hours:
Cinnamon is one of the oldest spices in the world, which is used not only in the kitchen but also in medicine and aromatherapy. Bispol candle is a unique combination of warming cinnamon aroma with dominant spicy and resinous notes in the base of composition. This unique combination has calming properties, improves mood and positively affects the atmosphere. The candle will be a perfect companion in the kitchen while baking cakes.

For people who want to make time spent at meals even more pleasant we recommend pillar candles. They are available in various sizes and colour options. For winter weather colours such as white, grey or burgundy will work best. A wide range of pillar candles guarantees that everyone will find products perfectly fitting into any interior.
Winter is a special time when we slow down and focus more on ourselves. For this reason, we should use products which, thanks to their unique fragrances and colours, will help us to celebrate special moments in our lives.