The National Candle Association marks september World Candle Month. The aim of celebration is to bring to light the various ways candles enrich our daily lives and bring awareness of the benefits of using them. This year's World Candle Month theme is "Lighten the Mood". So how do you make your day shine?

Candlelight at home
Sometimes everyday life seems gray and gloomy. Weary of the race, we dream about hiding at our home. We are looking for solutions for ourselves to feel comfortable and just relax. Home as a safe place should calm us down and associate our stay with bliss. Certain elements or accessories will contribute to this. These can be soft pillows, a warm blanket thrown on the sofa, which we can cuddle in when we have a bad day, or a cup of hot tea. The glow of a burning candle will also have a warming effect. It will give us a sense of bliss and security. It will allow you to stop and let yourself be carried away by the moment of oblivion. The candle and its scent are one of the elements creating a cozy atmosphere at home.

What does relaxation smell like?
As is widely known, fragrances can evoke various emotions in us. As in perfumery, also in the candle industry, you should be guided by the fragrance that is right for you. The fragrance should be chosen in such a way that, while being in its surroundings, you do not feel irritated, that it does not interfere with our daily duties, does not irritate, but on the contrary - relaxes you, gives you strength to act, brings back pleasant memories. So what fragrance should be choosen to calm us down after a hard day?

There are many ways to fill your home with a unique aroma, creating a relaxation zone. One of the most popular are scented candles. If we focus on the comfort zone, it is worth choosing fragrances that contain lavender in their notes, the fragrance of which has a relaxing effect, jasmine whose scent will soothe our nerves, or sandalwood, a truly relaxing fragrance.

According to the motto of this year's World Candle Month "Lighten the mood" make sure that your home will not run out of them. That can also be unscented candles, which are perfect for dinner. Pillar candles can be incorporated into the decoration or displayed on elegant stands. Candles presented in this way will look chic, and their shine will delight our guests.
Tiny tealights are also a great solution. We can place them on ceramic stands or in glass candleholders at various places in home. Using of several small tealights create warm and cozy atmosphere.

September is a month when the days are getting shorter and the evenings are getting colder. This is the perfect excuse to invite candles into our space. The dancing candle flame will make us  feel magical, and the unique design or fragrance will make our home more attractive. Thanks to them, we will build an extraordinary atmosphere. Declaring september as a World Candle Month was undoubtedly great choice.